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i Wanna Chord

i Wanna Chord

A Musical Resource For All

A Musical Resource For All

Getting YOU playing the piano Now!

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Why Playing by Chords?

    •    Play your favorite songs without sheet music

    •    Improvise with confidence

    •    Not bound to the sheet music

    •    Easier to read than music scores

    •    Easier to memorize songs

    •    Helps you write your own music using chords

    •    Helps you play by ear

    •    Chord charts condense songs to fewer pages

    •    Keyboard and guitar players can use the same chord charts

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Our approach 

We teach chords, rhythm, and the basics of theory in a fun and practical way which allows students to play several songs in just a few lessons.


Over the past few years, we have noticed many people giving up on learning music because of their frustrations. Many were frustrated because they had been taking music lessons for years and still could not just sit down and play anything except their recital piece from the previous year. Some were intimidated by all the notes even after years of lessons. I Wanna Chord was birthed after seeing much of this frustration and knowing that there is an easier way to learn to play.


We are very much in favor of musicians being able to read music as well as play by chords; therefore, we encourage every musician who plays only by chords to learn some basic theory and learn to read notation. We also realize that chords are the building blocks on which music is written and arranged; therefore, we encourage those who play only by sight-reading to learn some basic theory about chords which will help to read chord charts and lead sheets.

“I Wanna Chord shows an easy way

to get you playing the piano now.”

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Ronnie & Laura

Founders of I Wanna Chord

We hope you enjoy your visit. 


“Having taken piano lessons as a child and then as a young mother using the traditional method. I decided it was time for me to try again when my granddaughter, age 6, began to take from Ronnie.  I have been chording now for about 5 years.  I am 73 years old and have never enjoyed anything like I do using Ronnie Leyland’s “I Wanna Chord” method.  At my granddaughter’s very first lesson, she learned to play the praise song “Revelation” by Jennie Riddle.  Ronnie accompanied her on a second keyboard and his wife sang while MJ played.  She went straight home and played “Revelation” for her parents. This is a wonderful program; it doesn’t matter your age.  A child doesn’t have to start off with little monotonous tunes; they can chord the music they enjoy.  Chording is truly painting the emotion that the pianist wants to express.  It lends itself beautifully to modern music technology as well.  I highly recommend it.”

Jane Student


“I have been taking piano from Mr. Ronnie for 5 years now and I” have really enjoyed it.  He teaches it in a way that makes it fun and simple. For all the years Mr. Ronnie has been teaching me,  I loved it and  have learned many things.”

MJ Student


“I am sure without Ronnie I would not be the musician I am today!  

It has been fun for me to learn and practice from the I Wanna Chord books.”

Jeremiah Student


“I have been taking lessons with Mr. Ronnie for 5 years now. He is nice and makes it fun for you to learn piano . He lets me pick any song I want to learn.”

Jane Student


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